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- Professional Lighting for Your Home or Business

- Unique Professional Design & Custom Displays

- Property-Friendly Installation

- Trees, Shrubs, Driveways Lighting Decorations

- Scheduled Maintenance Durring Holiday Season

- Worry-Free Light or Component Replacement

- Year Round Holiday Lighting & Decor Storage Service

- Prompt & Convenient Removal

Please call us at 866-599-3626 for professional lighting installs for your home or business.

Personalized Christmas Lighting Design

We work closely with you to create a beautiful expression of the holiday spirit. Every design is unique. Every year we can change your design to create a whole new look. Your personalized lighting display will be something that your community will enjoy and you will cherish.

Professional Installation Guaranteed

Each Christmas lighting installation is carefully engineered before we even arrive at your home. Our experienced, professional and courteous crew systematically installs your lighting with almost no impact on your family or your time. We will never try to lock you into multi-year contracts because we are confident that you will love our design and service, and as a result, we will earn your business year after year.

All Materials Included

Decko Lights provides all decorations, lights, garland, extensions cords, timers, fasteners and materials needed. Additionally, by not having to purchase the decorations, you have the flexibility of changing your lighting design from year to year.

Rest Assured, We are Fully Insured

Always be cautious when selecting a lighting installation provider. If they are not fully insured, you may be liable for damages or injuries that occur on your property. Decko Lights is fully insured. Our insurance provides full protection for all of our clients.

Free Maintenance

After your lighting has been installed, we will monitor your home throughout the season to make sure it continues to function as intended. If maintenance should be required, we will fix your lighting at no cost to you and we will leave you a notification of any work performed.

Timely Removal Guaranteed

Soon after the holiday season, we will carefully remove your display at no additional charge.