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Warm the hearts and brighten the eyes of your friends and family this year with an elegant and fun Season Greetings. The sky is the limit when it comes to Christmas and Holiday Lighting with Deckolights, Inc. From rooflines, trunk wraps, pillars, garland, tree foliage, to lawn decorations. Deckolights, Inc. experienced design staff, will incorporate their skills, ideas, and yours to create a full blown holiday extravaganza. Please feel free to review below, for options that are available in which may be helpful in understanding a few designing ideas.

  • Trees: Trees are a wonderful compliment to any holiday lighting layout, wheather residential or business. Please view our tree section for examples of various tree lighting options available.
  • Foliage: Foliage provides great lighting to the lower part of your design, which stands out beautifully.
  • Rooflines: Rooflines outline the design of your home or business against the dark night skies. Designs for roofline vary from icicle lights to C9, in colors of White and Muli-colored.
  • Entrances: Gated entrances and walkways allow for a beautiful expression of lighting and décor, with garland trip to look pretty in the daytime to lighting that twinkles at night.
  • Garland: Garland is a great addition to your decorating ideas.Providing a beautiful elegant tone to your design whether day or night.Used on windows, garages, doors, pillars, gates, fences and much more.
  • Wreaths: wreaths compliment the design with a holiday season greetings touch. Whether on a door, a gate, a garage or under a roofline, wreaths contribute beautifully to a home.
  • Pillars: Pillars are one aspect of the home, if well wrapped, when lit, can bring out an elegant and fun look to your home or business.